Culinary training at the Academy of
Cooking & Other Pleasures is unique.

Your instructor chef Yara Castro
Roberts is a complete professional,
trained at Boston University and
who is also:

  • a trained psychologist
  • a fabulous story teller,
  • a television presenter (WGBH,
    People & Arts ),
  • a Brazilian who has lived in
    the United States, France and
    Mexico, and
  • whose achievements have been
    recognized in the international
    media: N. Y. Times, TV Globo,
    Casa Vogue, Boms Fluidos,
    Boston Globr, Viagem, Blue
    Travel and L’Art de Voyager.

Professional training activities of
the Academy include:

  • intensive course in French and
    Brazilian cooking: principles
    and practice; two months.
  • consulting to restaurants:
    menu enrichment and staff
    training: we have recently
    performed this service for
    three restaurants around
  • consulting on new food prod
    uct design: recently with a
    large international packaged
    goods producer to place their
    development in an historical
    and cultural context.